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Active Ingredients: Hypericum perforatum 3x, Urtica urens 3x, Aconitum napellus 15x, Ammonium benzoicum 15x, Arsenicum album 15x, Benzoicum acidum 15x, Bryonia 15x, Causticum 15x, Cinchona officinalis 15x, Colchicum autumnale 15x, Gnaphalium polycephalum 15x, Iris versicolor 15x, Kali iodatum 15x, Ledum palustre 15x, Lithium carbonicum 15x, Nux vomica 15x, Phytolacca decandra 15x, Rhus toxicodendron 15x, Ruta graveolens 15x, Sambucus nigra 15x, Strychninum 15x. 

Liquid Inactive Ingredients: USP Purified water; USP Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic cane alcohol 20%. 

According to the Materia Medica the following remedies in Sciatica~Nerve Care may be administered for the following conditions: 

Aconitum napellus: Back numb, stiff, painful; Major remedy in inflammation and fevers; Neuralgia (nerve pain); Numbness and tingling.

Ammonium benzoicum: Pain across sacrum with urgency to stool.

Arsenicum album: Neuralgia (nerve pain); Numbness; Paralysis; Sciatica.

Benzoicum acidum: Pressure on spinal column; Trembling in lumbar region.

Bryonia: Stitches and stiffness in small of back; Better lying on painful side, pressure, rest, cold things.

Causticum: Left-sided sciatica with numbness; Back pain goes forward or to thighs.

Cinchona officinalis: Backache as from sitting bent for a long period of time.

Colchicum autumnale: Pins and needles in hands, wrists, and fingertips numb.

Gnaphalium polycephalum: Intense sciatic pain, alternating with or followed by numbness, worse lying down, motion, better by flexing the limbs on abdomen, by sitting in chair; Disorders of sciatic nerve.

Hypericum perforatum: Injury to nerves; Effects of surgery; Spasms after every injury.

Iris versicolor: Sciatica, as if left hip-joint were wrenched.

Kali iodatum: Sciatica, worse lying on the affected side, sitting, standing, wakes him at night, better walking and flexing legs.

Ledum palustre: Gouty pains shoot all through the foot and limb and in joints, but especially small joints.

Lithium carbonicum: Paralytic stiffness of the whole body.

Nux vomica: Legs numb, feel paralyzed; Sitting is painful.

Phytolacca decandra: Sciatica; Pains fly like electric shock.

Rhus toxicodendron: Tearing, shooting, stitching pain, worse at night, cannot rest in any position; Facial neuralgia (nerve pain) with chilliness, worse evening.

Ruta graveolens: Backache from injury or strain, better pressure and lying on back.

Sambucus nigra: Aching in the middle of the spine; Tearing in legs and ankles.

Strychninum: Darting, pinching, lancinating, fulgerating, electric pains; Back stiff, violent jerks in spinal column; Violent jerking, twitching and trembling of limbs.

Urtica urens: Neuritis (inflammation of nerves).

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