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Damiana plant grows naturally in Mexico including elsewhere in Central America. The needles are used in popular herbal medicine for a variety of medical purposes. Although the leaves of Damiana were essentially used for aphrodisiac purposes in the past, today this plant is seldom used for energy difficulties. You should ask your physician before using any herbal treatment holding Damiana leaf and Damiana powder because the herb may pose certain risks to well-being or interact with some medicines. Now, you can utilize Damiana leaf particles to help manage conditions of distress, fear, genital dysfunction, costiveness, diabetes, plus abdominal gland, agreeing to this Sloan- Kettering Memorial Cancer Center. You can also take Damiana for other digestive problems and respiratory diseases such as asthma. The typical dose of powdered Damiana leaves in the form of tablets or capsules is from 2 to 4 grams used two to three times per day

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